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Chamber Orchestras
The Menuhin Hall is available for hire for concerts by chamber orchestras – the stage when fully extended can seat up to 45 musicians with a conductor.
Please see floorplans

Choral Societies
It is also possible for choral societies to use The Menuhin Hall. A choir of up to 60 singers can be accommodated on the stage with a piano/harpsichord accompaniment. A choir of up to 40 singers with a small orchestra (17 musicians) and piano/harpsichord accompaniment. There is flexibility for these arrangements – please discuss with the Manager. The acoustics of The Menuhin Hall are ideal for choral singing. Performances can be recorded live. Floor plans give details of possible seating arrangements
Please see plans under technical specifications.

Solo Recitals
The Menuhin Hall is a superb acoustic for solo recitals, e.g. guitar, string quartet, solo piano. Concerts put on in the Hall can be included in The Menuhin Hall leaflet depending on the time of booking. Alternatively leaflets can be left in the box office for publicity purposes.

The Menuhin Hall is an ideal venue for holding workshops for groups of musicians. With two Green Rooms and a foyer area, there is ample space for splitting into groups.

Music Courses
During the holiday periods it is possible to hire the Yehudi Menuhin School and The Menuhin Hall for music courses. Due to the large number of rooms available in the School for sectional rehearsals, the boarding facilities and the on-site caterers, the YMS provides a perfect location for residential courses. For further details please consult the Manager.

Concerts Given By Pupils Of The School
It is also possible to arrange for concerts to be given by pupils of the School both in The Menuhin Hall itself and at other venues. Please contact the Hall Manager for further details including fees and availability. The pupils do not perform background music, and any performance is undertaken only with the permission of the Headmaster and the Director of Music.

Art Exhibitions
If you are interested in putting on an Exhibition in the foyer of The Menuhin Hall, please contact the Manager.

Why you should use the Menuhin Hall:

  • High acoustical specification
  • Complete sound proofing
  • Excellent sight lines from all seats
  • Easy access for the less able
  • Loop and infra-red system for the hard of hearing
  • Posturepaedic orchestral chairs
  • Steinway Concert Grand piano
  • Fazioli Concert Grand Piano

Performing Rights Society
Performing Rights Society royalties are incurred by all qualifying copyright works performed in the The Menuhin Hall . Copyright in works generally exists for the life of the composer and last until 70 years after his or her death. All PRS charges are the responsibility of the promoter and will be passed on to them in the final reconciliation after a hiring.

There are two new concert grand D pianos available for hire, a Steinway and a Fazioli. These are also available to be hired together for two piano works. An orchestra of up to 30 musicians with two pianos can be accommodated on the stage with the stage extension. Our pianos are tuned by specialist piano technicians.

Technical Support
The Menuhin Hall Technical Manager will usually be on duty to support any hiring organisation and can record performances if desired. The cost of a master CD is added to the bill and any extra time following the concert that is required to edit and burn CDs will be charged at an hourly rate and CDs at an item cost. Please consult with the Manager for these details.

Concerts booked into The Menuhin Hall can be included in the promotional brochure which is distributed twice a year to Friends and those on the mailing list in January and July. This is dependent on the time of booking and whether the concert is open to the public or not. The distribution is 15,000 and essentially to the South of England

Box Office
The Menuhin Hall runs a bespoke box office ticket package. The box office is generally open from 10 – 3 p.m. Monday to Fridays and for one hour before performances.

Disabled Access/Lifts/Lift Capacity
There are 5 wheelchair spaces and disabled parking spaces at the rear of the Hall which should be booked through the Box Office. The seating is on the Ground Floor of the Hall which is reached by a platform from the car park, and also on the first floor which can be easily accessed by the lift from the Ground Floor. There is a disabled toilet on the Ground Floor. The lift capacity is 1.7m x 1.5 m.

Car Parking
There is free parking for 125 cars immediately in front of the Hall.

Toilet Facilities
There are 7 female cubicles and 2 male cubicles. In addition there are toilets in the backstage area

There is a cloakroom for hats and coats on the ground floor located next to the Box Office.

Our chosen supplier of floral arrangements is Blomster Designs of Cobham. Flowers are not permitted in the auditorium itself.

Additional Staff
Stewards/cloakroom attendants/ kitchen and bar staff can be provided. Please consult directly with the Hall Manager for your individual requirements.

A calligrapher to handwrite important invitation cards can be recommended. Please contact the Hall Manager.

For all concerts, stewards officially appointed by the Hall Manager are on duty. The stewards are responsible for ensuring that guests are shown to their seats and to liaise between the hiring organisation and The Menuhin Hall staff in case of an emergency.

The Menuhin Hall operates and staffs a bar with a license that is included in the hire of the Hall. It is possible to arrange private functions with catering (finger buffets only – see details under conferences/catering). Please consult with the Manager for prices.

Approved Suppliers
Caterers: The Menuhin Hall has an agreement with high quality professional caterers who can give quotations for any occasion.

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