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The Menuhin Hall seats 300 and its volume is over 3,000 cubic metres. To vary the acoustic properties of the Hall, thick drapes have been installed which can easily be drawn across the back and side walls.

In anticipation of professional recording companies wishing to use the hall, sound proof ducts have been installed which enable recording engineers to install their own equipment throughout the hall and bring cables to the large Green Room at the rear of the Hall.

The Green Room is 40 square metres in area, so that there is plenty of room for equipment and sufficient volume for reasonable playback. A special ‘ clean’ power source has been installed solely for the use of recording equipment.

The Hall itself is very quiet with a roof over one metre thick to exclude exterior noise. The sound rating is designed to be less that 15 NR, and it certainly feels like this within the hall.

Three sound proof doors separate the Hall from the Green Room, and all entries to the Hall have sound lobbies with acoustic material within them to soak up any unwanted sound. The stage can accommodate 40 players and a stage extension is available to enable a slightly larger orchestra to perform. It is designed as a chamber music venue.

[Bob Essert – Sound Space Design - formerly of Arup Acoustics]

“ONYX was the first company to record in the new Menuhin Hall and it was a delight in every way. The building is beautiful, the acoustic warm and inviting and completely soundproof, and the staff helpful in every possible way. This is going to be one of the most sought after recording venues for piano, song and chamber music in the country. We hope to be back soon.”
Paul Moseley
Managing Director, ONYX

“We had a very successful week in the Menuhin Hall – thank you for all your organisation. It was great to have the Hall’s technical manager around. The main thing though was the sound of the hall and the ambience of the location which made it a very productive location to record.”
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